Justin Lee Brown
Julie M. Williams
Senior Vice President/Continuous Improvement and Optimization
Amy Timperley
Senior Vice President/Chief Regulatory, Public Affairs & Gas Resources Officer
Randall P. (Randy) Gabe
Senior Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer
Albert L. Taylor
Vice President/Human Resources
Raied N. Stanley
Vice President/Information Services and Chief Information Officer
Catherine Mazzeo
Vice President/General Counsel/Risk/Safety & Compliance Officer
Reagan Monroe, Jr.
Vice President/Customer Experience
Bradford T. (Brad) Harris
Regional Vice President/Arizona
Christopher W. (Chris) Sohus
Regional Vice President/Nevada
Matthew D. Derr
Vice President/Regulation
Frank J Stanbrough
Vice President/Continuous Improvement and Optimization
Jerome T. (Jerry) Schmitz
Vice President/Safety & Quality
Kevin M. Lang
Vice President/Engineering Staff
Chris R. Anderson
Vice President/Northern Nevada Division
Melanie O. Rice
Vice President/Southern Arizona Division
Samuel D. Grandlienard
Vice President/Southern California Division